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The Making of Bounce (iOS/Android Indie Game)

Video walkthrough of creating the Top 25 hit Bounce. Created by Buildbox and published by Ketchapp.

More information here:

The Making of Bounce: Inside a Top 25 Game


26 thoughts on “The Making of Bounce (iOS/Android Indie Game)

  1. This game making software is way expensive! I can't afford to purchase. In the future if they change their marketing price, then I would like to buy like 5 dollars per month. Also if this has coding environment though the strong point of this is in drag-and-drop feature, i think it's gonna be really awesome in my opinion

  2. Those who think that this is freaking 2000 dollars ! And those who say to learn code and do much better ! 1st 2000 is acceptable price for what the team has done in 4 years. 2nd yes coding is much better option only if your career and goals are to become a programmer and software engineer. This software helps those who want to do business. It's like you just need 25000 dollars to invest and get the software worth 2000 and create your games EASILY and upload them to each store (500 dollars for that) for 0.99 dollars. Slowly and steady, rich people will want to try your app so they will download it and boom, you will get +0.99 dollars for each single download and with just 10K downloads in 3 months, you could earn 9000+ dollars ! You will get profit ! And if you create more like 7-8 apps 2 for free and 5 for cash, then you could earn 40k 50k dollars per three months etc… simple…

  3. Hey Trey I downloaded the free trial and i don't know if it comes with all the file's for like characters and movement and stuff. If there is could you tell me where it's located or where i could find it? Thanks

  4. Why you dont make a Free version, this free version can only make offline games withouth ads, just only to play in your device and cant be upload to Play Store or App Store or something like that, would be nive make my own games in build box that it can be played only in my device :D. THink about that pls

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